What Services Can a Mortgage Company Provide?

St Louis Mortgage Company

When it comes to getting a mortgage to finance their home purchases, prospective homebuyers can choose from different types of financial institutions to meet their goals.  A mortgage company is capable of originating and funding mortgages for residential and commercial properties.

The mortgage company typically originates the loan through sourcing the funds from client financial institutions that provide the capital and then market the loan to potential buyers.  The best mortgage companies’ offer borrowers a diverse range of mortgage products from FHA, Fannie Mae, VA, USDA, and jumbo loans.

How to choose a St. Louis mortgage lender

St. Louis is a competitive housing market offering residents big city amenities and affordable living.  Residents looking to purchase a home in the area are able to consult loan officers who constantly monitor mortgage rates showing prospects the most updated and lowest interest rates available.

Using a mortgage company, homebuyers can use the personal loan officer as their main point of contact to finding the right mortgage plan that best meets their needs.  A mortgage company can also be a good advocate for getting the right loan a homebuyer needs for their home-buying or refinancing needs.

For first time home buyers, St. Louis offers a great quality of life in some of the best neighborhoods available to purchase a property.  A mortgage lending company can guide a homebuyer through the entire loan process and ensure the buyer receives the right loan program according to their unique needs at a low rate.

By working with a mortgage lending company, prospective buyers have access to a streamlined process where they simply have to fill an application and securely upload their documents.  The mortgage company then performs the work necessary toward getting a loan approval quicker and easier.  If the Company cannot close a homebuyer’s loan, they are able to pay for an appraisal which provides a professional opinion of a home’s value.

Mortgage brokers in St. Louis aim to establish long-term relationships with their clients.  Homebuyers are able to apply for a loan directly online or phone the Company for a free mortgage consultation and discuss options related to the different types of mortgage products available.  Individuals can also get pre-approved online, browse current rates and receive rate updates, and check refinancing rates.  Some mortgage lenders are licensed with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry, have no hidden fee policies, and are present at all mortgage closings.

The top 5 largest mortgage lenders in St. Louis originated a total of 5,080 refinancing loans in 2017 while the total volume of refinancings totaled to $915.58 million.  The top 5 mortgage lenders in St. Louis originated 10,472 home purchase loans with a total combined value of $1.94 billion.  Given the wide range of services offered to customers as well as the large market volume of mortgaging lending companies in St. Louis, prospective homebuyers should consider choosing a mortgage company to help achieve their homeownership goals.

Liberty Lending Consultants

Liberty Lending Consultants is a St. Louis mortgage broker that has worked with thousands of customers over the years.  The Company offers funding solutions for residential and commercial lending needs.  Previous customers have mentioned that the team at Liberty is strong at answering their customers’ questions and explaining everything along the way.  The Company is professional and informative and transactions are performed smoothly.  Liberty Lending Consultants are St. Louis mortgage companies that been helping new homebuyers with low down payments, great fixed rates, and fast turnaround times over the years, especially with veterans.


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